- STANDARD orders for customers with equal size feet, please follow the instructions for perfect fit of your Maccies as described here:

Put two blank sheets of paper with their short edges to a straight wall. Step onto the papers that way both naked heels will touch said wall.  With a black pen held in upright position copy the circumference of your feets’ silhouettes to the sheets.  Done that         take a metric ruler and determine

X – representing the maximum (horizontal) width within the lines on the papers;

Y - representing the maximum (vertical) length from the bottom of the sheets to the           longest toe;enter all this data inside the lines of your sketches

Z - the distance of the foremost bolt of your cleat system to the tip of your present shoes

NOTE: Those customers who want to order shoes with bio-mxc² (mid foot) position don’t need to determine Z.

Will you also write down your body weight (in kg) as well as the purpose of your shoes such as road, track, TT, triathlon or mountain bike,  your preferred cleat system and your shipping address.

Send all these infos to: and if possible attach the sketches of your feet to your mail. Soon your order has reached us we’ll get back to you to name time frame and costs. Once your payment has come in the process will be started. Your Maccies will be ready approx. within a fortnight and shipped to you for a try on. If ok, return them with the cleats you want us to be mounted. In case there are modifications to be made leave a mark at the respective spots on your shoe shells, make a picture and inform us via mail to discuss the problem.

CURRENT RULES for online trading will be applied, i.e., full money-back guarantee if not happy. NOTE that merchandise has been returned in new condition within a fortnight of reception

- CUSTOM / made-to-measure version:

As a matter of fact, many top athletes have differing feet. Due to the complex mechanics of the spinning circle, inadequate footwear does corrupt smooth spinning action. In the long run this can open a can or worms for tendinitis, knee-, hip- and even lower and upper spine ailments. In brief, a complex sport like cycling needs perfectly adjusted footwear. There is absolutely no point in buying shoes which for instance match the longer or bigger foot thus compromise the other one (there’s no problem if you take a longer Maccie!) and so forth.

Therefore, those in need will enjoy the opportunity to order their fully made-to-measure version of our lightweight cycling shoes. You’ll be pleased to read that we now managed to simplify our casting procedure and at the same time improved the result.

While physically handicapped riders according to our experience need full prosthetic support, for all other athletes stepping into a crush box and send it to us is all they need to do in order to obtain the latest version of our custom-made carbon shoes.

Right after the carbon shells for your feet have been made they’ll be sent to you for a first try-on. Please note that once you approved their fit, shape is accepted and biomac can’t     be held liable for additional changes or fit any more. Back at our place, we will mount the upper and voilà – send your custom pair exclusively built to fit your feet. So far, all our customers who took advantage of this technique now call themselves happy ‘Maccie’ – owners as their shoes put an end to performance setbacks due to poor footwear. Read friend-to-the-site Jo Spindler’s outline on his experience with custom made shoes: