FAQ re CreamDiet

Just received an e-mail from Chris (U.S.A.):

„I have been discussing this Cream Diet with several people now and they have asked some good questions…so I hope you can answer.“

Q: When do you know that the „Switch“ has happened? In other words, how do you know when to stop?
A: Two ’symptoms‘ indicate that CD has been executed correctly and that it can be stopped:
Daily bowel movement and absence or diminishing presence of ketones in both, urine and breath. You will also note that your tongue is less swollen and that the stale taste will vanish.
that people who are sick or suffer from a chronic disease must not go on a CD without first consulting a medical doctor or naturopath experienced with CD.

Q: When we end the diet and return back to regular food, are there foods to avoid, or do you allow the body to „speak“ about what foods are best?
A: Many will automatically resort to starches and sugars as those are the reservoirs which suffered most. Everyone will understand that although it would be ’natural‘ to satisfy this instinct it can’t be the best way out of a diet which has been focusing on fat. Fresh salads, herbs, one or two fruit, nuts (starches!) and seeds will bring digestive fluids back to normal. For those who live in cooler regions. vegetable soups, fish, meat, eggs, as little processed as possible will provide them with more heat but of course will also need more of their body’s energy to get digested properly.

Q: If someone is lactose intolerant and cannot have dairy, can they use full fat coconut milk instead?
A: First understand that coconut milk or oil does by no means present an equivalent to blood fat.
Second in most cases this intolerance is related to quantity. If they get started with small amounts of whipped(!!) cream understanding that most lactose is in the millk, not in the fat, they will make it without a n y symptoms.
For those who are severely intolerant one or more preliminary bowel cleanses/Liver Flushes prior to getting started will do.

Q: I don’t know which cream to buy, there are so many different types on the market. Do they make any difference?
A: Buy natural cream only, so there’s no additives such as carrageen or arabic gum in it.

Q: Why is it I have to whip the cream?
A: Before you can digest your cream it must react with the oxygen in th air. Imagine a baby and understand that it wouldn’t just swallow mother’s milk (or suffer from burping and cramping afterwards). Only whipped cream fulfills the demands aimed at with this diet. Note that in contrary to other sources nothing needs to be added to prepare whipped cream but pure cream from the fridge!

Q: While I love cream and hold no objections going on this diet for a fortnight I wouldn’t want to do a Liver Flush first. Is this necessary?
A: No, its of course not obligatory. However, for those who suffer from a slack bowel and poor digestion this pre-requisite presents a helpful tool. Its just a good feeling when you know that there’s no trash left in your bowels when for 1 or 2 days there is no significant delivery. For those who feel they might have a lactose intolerance its the ideal starter to calm down bowel hyperactivity.

Q: Isn’t there too much cholesterol in cream?
A: Yes, for the instruments of a lab there is too much cholesterol in any natural, wholesome milk. Even mother’s milk has too much of it they’d say. Your body however does not share this opinion. Understand that a new-born baby and during the entire period of fertility its cholesterol which is badly needed to protect your cells and build sex- and other hormones.

Q: I can’t get fresh cream, isn’t other cream the same?
A: I’m afraid No, its compulsory to use cream without additives. Only alternative: créme fraiche or sour cream if available at your shop.

Q: How much water do I need to drink during the diet?
A: Water consumption follows very individual needs. However, its recommended to drink at least 1 liter/day when on the diet.

Q: During the first days large amounts of ketones can soak your system when going on the CD. Aren’t they supposed to be bad for you?
A: No, in fact they serve as a means of energy for body tissues such as the nerval and the cardiovascular system are.

Q: Two or three days into the diet my tongue develops this odd feeling and my breath starts smelling.
A: This is a normal reaction caused by the increase of ketones in your system. It can be measured and will be gone as a sign of adaptation later on.

Q: When browsing the net there’s a diet called the ‚Ice Cream Diet‘, another one is named the Ice Cream and Beer Diet. Are those two related to CD? What do you think of this?
A: LOL. If I had the choice in winter I’d choose the beer diet whereas in summer I’d enjoy myself enduldging the other one. 😉 No – understand that these ‚diets‘ are kind of ‚blind passengers‘ in Cyber World, designed to follow the keywords rather than doing any good to your body.