Q: I received my box with the valve plus the stips. How am I to proceed?
A: Just wrap one of the self-adhesive foam strips around the middle of the valve’s body,so the holes will remain open. Then moisten the foam, best with saliva. Now insert the valve with the smaller hole pointing upwards into one nostril. Apply a turing movement as if you would tighten a screw until its in place. Suck air through this nostril. If its not tight, take the valve out and add a second strip (and keep the remaining lot for when you feel you need to replace the first set).

Q: Honestly, I found out I couldn’t even breathe through my nose during exercise (at all). Does it make sense for me to even buy NaSA and how would I start?
A: When confronted with NaSA quite a number of athletes notice that they breathe exclusively through their mouth. No worries, as this will change during the first applications already! What’s more, you will be our best and most successful customer for in a very short time NaSA will give you access to a whole new world of exercise (no flattery but a fact that those will poor breathing habits benefit much more than those clients who just want to fine-tune their breathing using NaSA). Important is to take it easy, start with small steps. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that in order to become a successful breather we’d ask you to give your body time. So don’t overdo. For example go for a walk with your mouth kept shut, walk a stair-case or a hill. Carry a handkerchief so you can blow your nose whenever you feel like it. Now, after you collected the first success repeat with NaSA in your nose. Feel free to switch from one nostril to another, also, feel free to stop whenever you think its appropriate.
Don’t give in, even if it only works for a couple of hundred meters. Start again and notice how quickly the mucus tissues in your nose will ‚open up‘ in response to your attempts. Understand that your body frantically wants to, is designed to – breathe through your nostrils, its only you who has to give the chance!
Again, go for a walk, count backwards, like: 1000m, 800m, 300m and: celebrate your success, remember Chuchill’s NEVER GIVE IN. You may stop, take a rest, even breathe through your mouth, but then start again. NEVER GIVE IN – and your body will change its habits on its own! You will note that like when you learned walking its the FIRST STEPS which are difficult, it gets much easier once you gained experience.

Q: I forget to put NaSA in, is this kind of a subconscious reflex?

A: This may happen in the beginning. Remember that of course you may put your NaSA away for a day or two but GET BACK TO USING YOUR VALVE and if it was for a short time of 20 minutes per day only. NEVER GIVE IN as this is the only way that will render success. And: Rememberthat we all started like this (gasping for air through our mouthes) although a l l of us were breathing exclusively through our noses when being born…

Q: Putting NaSA into one nostril sometimes corrupts my proper eyesight of the respective eye.
A: People with eyes not equal in strength experience an irritation when they put NaSA into the unilateral nostril. No worries, as experience tells that this will improve over time of exercise and application. Stay away from traffic and difficult ambience, use NaSA on a track only until it gets better to avoid any risks.

Q: Can I use NaSA while swimming?
A: Sure you could – but its not recommended as the risk something unpredictable may happen like water in your mouth is not worth it.

Q: How can I keep NaSA clean?
A: Rinse with water, cold or warm only. If something got stuck in the valve open it from the bottom (careful as the ball can jump out) pulling the lid off.

Q: I suffer from asthma and I want to use NaSA as a breathing coach.
A: While NaSA is not an approved tool to combat asthma it can assist you in your attempt to free yourself from this ailment. Get in touch via info@biomac and ask your detailed questions.