From foot to shoe

biomxc“Apart from a slick appearance sports shoes must f.i.t.. Also, they must be both, lightweight a n d perfectly adapted to the purpose they have been designed for.” This is the philosophy biomac set out for when starting some 15 years ago.
Aero against the wind? Not enough. Also cycling shoes must be airy on climbs to maintain a fresh ambience even when going uphill or riding under hot climatic conditions. When 14 years ago we also set out to taylor shoes no lesser than: the ‘QUEEN of KONA’, Paula NEWBY-FRASER (see below) with her difficult ballet-feet Paula Newby-Fraser mit biomxcbecame the first triathlete ever to try a shoe with its cleats mounted mid foot. Now, 14 years later it was again her who was the very first- when she congratulated Swiss Daniela RYF for her fabulous performance winning her first IRONMAN WORLDs’15 in Kailuah Kona. The year before Daniela had suffered from her feet also and whenher coach Brett SUTTON recommended her to see us she dedicated her 2015 season to mid foot cleats and shoes.                                                                                                                        Today Daniela is by far not the only one who caught the message about the numerous advantages of shoes with cleats mounted in bio-mxc²/ mid sole position. She’s also the first World Champion giving proof that yes, mid foot cycling when done the proper way is an option worthwhile thinking about when it comes to propel one’s racing bike!                     RACE ACROSS AMERICA (D.WYSS; H.NARR/U.SAMTLEBEN; T.ZGRAGGEN),      TOUR of AUSTRIA (T.ROHREGGER),                                                                           RACE ACOSS IRELAND (B.STEINBERGER),                                                                   RACE ACROSS THE ALPS (A.CLAVADETSCHER) have been won using Maccies or their patented cycling shoe sole/cleat position. Now both, the                                       IRONMAN-WORLDs in 70.3 and LONG DISTANCE have been captured on bio-mxc² likewise.


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