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biomxc„Apart from a slick appearance sports shoes must  f.i.t.. Also, they must be lightweight a n d perfectly adapted to the purpose they were designed for.“  This philosophy in mind biomac started out some 18 years ago.  Aero against the wind? Sure, but that’s definitely not enough. Cycling shoes must also be stiff and airy on climbs to maintain a fresh ambience within the boot even when riding under blistering hot climatic conditions.                                          When in 2001 we started to taylor shoes for no lesser than Paula NEWBY-FRASER, the ‚QUEEN of KONA‘ (left) she’d become the first triathlete ever to race shoes with cleats mounted mid foot.Paula Newby-Fraser mit biomxc Then, fourteen years later, in 2015 again her being the very first to congratulate Swiss Champion Daniela RYF for the fabulous performance winning her first IRONMAN WORLDs in Kailuah Kona. Had Daniela been limited by her feet the previous year coach Brett SUTTON recommended to go and see biomac and dedicate her ’15 season to mid foot cleats and shoes. DRyfHawaii'15Today, Daniela (right) is by far not the only one who caught the message about the numerous advantages of shoes with cleats mounted in bio-mxc²/ mid sole position. However, she’s still a reigning Champion giving proof to yes, mid foot cycling done the proper way is a trustworthy tool when it comes to propel a racing bike!   M. Baloh 24hWC'17

– 24 HOURS WORLDs ’17 saw a happy Marko BALOH (right) racing in Maccies for his first time – painfree;     – RACE ACROSS AMERICA winners (D. WYSS; T. ZGRAGGEN; H. NARR/ U. SAMTLEBEN);                                 – TOUR of AUSTRIA winner Thommy ROHREGGER);                                   – RACE ACOSS IRELAND dominator Bernhard STEINBERGER);                                                                                                      – RACE ACROSS THE ALPS champion Andrea CLAVADETSCHER – they all won chosing Maccies or their patented cycling shoe sole/cleat position for the racing. Let’s not forget

– IRONMAN winner Diana RIESLER (below) who (amongst other races) won four (!) consecutive IRONMAN MALAYSIA  –  in MACCIES!  DRieslerBahrain16

Browse these pages and learn about what it is that makes the unique difference between most shoes from production belts and hand-built (bio-) Maccies designed to support YOUR feet and performance.

– Australia’s top-positionist Steve HOGG talks here: – An essay on the advantages of biomac shoes edited by German TRI-coach Jo SPINDLER is available here:                                                         – and the World’s most successful TRI-coach ever, Brett SUTTON shares his opinion on Maccies with you here: