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Discover the world's first serial midsole shoe

biomac midsole cycling shoe götz heine

Serial Midsole Cleat Position

For 20+ years we have been crafting custom-made racing shoes with midsole position for world-class athletes like Daniela Ryf, Paula Newby-Fraser, and Diana Riesler. We are now introducing the first ever serial shoe with a twin-cleat drilling pattern in both, traditional and midsole zone.

biomac cycling shoes are light and inexpensive

Light - On Your Budget and Feet

Weight minimization has always been crucial to biomac's success. This is why for years we only used carbon shells for our high-end racing shoes. The new Y-line is our first model with a nylon sole, that makes the shoe extremely comfortable while still keeping it lightweight (220g).

biomac's midsole cycling shoes are highly functional

High-Tech Upper Material

The Y-series keeps your feet dry in all conditions. Its dirt and water-repellent upper material protect your feet from outside moisture, while a nylon mesh layer prevents sweating through efficient ventilation. The shoe is available with two types of closure: an ATOP ratchet buckle or a velcro flap.

As they say in California: They are the BOMB!

Paula Newby-Fraser (8x World Champion)

It takes some of the workload off specific calf muscles, which allows the athlete to run faster and further off the bike.

Brett Sutton (tri-coaching legend)

I was skeptical at first, too. I wouldn't go back now. Too much improvement.

Joe Friel (tri-coaching legend)